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Your business can save lots of money

It is estimated that absenteeism cost businesses 7 billion dollars in 2018 and presenteeism (showing up to work sick) an estimated 34 billion dollars. Why more for presenteeism? Someone sick not only reduces their own personal productivity but also contaminates the work environment and spreads illness to other employees.

Hygiene 1st is your best choice for workplace sanitisation

In hundreds of tests done using an ATP machine we kept getting the same results. Time and time again, Hygiene 1st killed more bacteria than the products being used by the customers. Hygiene 1st is a highly effective surface sanitiser, hand sanitiser, and it can be misted over large areas for a thorough deep clean.

Would you?

Would you spray your surface sanitisers on your hands? If a child licked a recently cleaned table would you be worried? Do your cleaning products actually work?

The perfect sanitisation stand does exist

We have developed an alternative for your business’ sanitisation stands, coming with full branding and hands free release.


It’s all about your brand, with your very own custom made and business branded sanitiser stand


Say good bye to those germ collection stations with our Infra red touchless dispensers.


Give your customers and staff the confidence and trust in you and your business with Hygiene1st. The only 100% mineral and organic hand and surface sanitiser, that is so safe everyone will love you for it!

The future

The world is changing, don’t get left behind. Say no to alcohol and toxic products which only claim to work. And trust in the only product that has been proven to work without any harmful ingredients.

Personal Sanitiser

Your own personal hand and surface spray, every where you go. Killing 99.9999% of germs all day long. For use on every touch point and surface you come across during your day to day activities.

Surface Sanitiser

Hygiene1st hand and surface spray kills germs naturally without the chemical residue on all surfaces in your home, vehicle, workplace, on the go locations and much more.

Fogging Sanitiser

Hygeine1st fogging makes getting into those hard to reach areas for a deep clean, possible. Suitable for all business and residential premises . Food Grade, 100% mineral and organic, no harmful chemicals or residue and no cleaning required afterwards.

Commercial Sanitiser

Hygiene1st allows your business to eliminate the use for numerous products throughout the everyday running of your business, all into one bottle and one application.

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